Jio IUC Tariff News – Jio to charge 6 paise per minute for all outgoing!

The announcement : Since 2016, Jio Has Been Providing Unlimited internet data as well as unlimited calls to any other sim. But today 9th October, the press has released that Jio will now charge for all the outgoing call except jio to jio.

Here Watch The Official Announcement of Jio iuc (as on 9th October,2019)

The Official Announcement of Jio iuc

Check Out The Official Press Release About Jio IUC tariff

What is Jio iuc charges: IUC charges has not made by any special mobile sim company but it is controlled by TRAI itself, according to the rules, one company has to pay at the outgoing call of any company other than its own, and the average charge is 6 Paise per minute, earlier the charge was 14 Paise/Minute.

The JIO vs TRAI Conflict : Jio Was ready to pay for all outgoing calls to other companies out of its own pocket till January 2020, But other Companies have complained to TRAI that can’t accept this condition because they are being harmed. By compulsion, Jio has come to the conclusion that they will now directly pay other companies 6 paise per minute as outgoing iuc tariff.

Companies such as- Idea, airtel, Bsnl etc

Jio’s Plan :Jio, On the other hand, Jio has decided to give free Data with every IUC TOP UP to retain its customer. Although They have stated that this plan is temporal. The iuc tariff Plan is in the below chart..

Jio iuc tariff Topup

In a nutshell :
1) From 10th October 2019, Jio will charge 6 paise per minute for all outgoing calls to other networks.
2)Jio has four IUC top-up plans on offer with extra data benefits. As shown on the Chart.
3)This Plan is temporal.

Jio iuc Tariff Idea- You can skip IUC TOPUP by using Whatsapp, Hike etc as a substitution for (JioToOther) Outgoing Calls.

Should you be worried?
Right now, NOT AT ALL! For the money jio is taking for IUC TOPUP, already they are giving away free data balance with it, Plus, its only 6 Paise per minutes, so this is not a reason to worry. But Seeing Jio, Other companies may change their plans in near future.